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Gender Reveal Party and Results!

21 Nov

This post is basically just a show and tell. Lots of pictures! Thanks to everyone who voted in the little poll that I posted asking if you thought Sprout was a boy or a girl and for name suggestions. We found out at our 21 week ultrasound and kept it a secret for almost 2 weeks, but now the cat is officially out of the bag. We’re having a BOY!

Here’s some highlights from the party and a short clip of the moment of truth. We had a webcam setup in the living room so that family and friends who could not be with us could share in the excitement. It turned out to be a really fun way to do it.

The online poll results were displayed  on the fridge. Lots of you guys thought it was going to be a girl!

Everything was pink and blue.

Including the punch.

Friends helped me make some little decorations to spruce the place up. (I’m actually thinking about keeping these blue ones to use in the nursery.)

We hung ultrasound pictures so that everyone could see. We didn’t include “the goods” that might spoil the surprise though. We showed that one after the reveal though.

Pink and blue kisses and M&Ms

I even colored these little chocolate bars in for the party. Lots of work but they went over really well.

I made little mustaches and lips to take pictures with.

…and made this one to keep them all guessing! We dressed according to what our original guesses were before the ultrasound.

Everyone voted!

The blue team!

The pink team!

Loved my Mom’s nails. Very festive.

Finally it was time to bring out the cake! It said “He or She what will it be?” on the cake board.

Finally time to cut it open and the result was….BLUE! Sprout is a boy!

Here’s video of the moment of truth from the web broadcast. We had about 20 people tuned in watching from different parts of the world:

One of my friends joked that I must be having a smurf…but no really. The cake was very tasty.

We had a blast doing the reveal this way surrounded by our family and friends. It was great encouragement and support. We felt so loved!

Us posing with our blue cake! Proud Mamas-to-be!

We put a pretty good dent in it and had enough left over to take some to other neighbors, friends and coworkers.

This party was really a blast and I’m so glad that we did it this way. We had some time to have our little secret for a while and then it was great to see the overwhelming acceptance and excitement that Sprout is generating within our community. The question we’ve been getting nonstop since the reveal has been “So…names?” Well, that one is going to have to be another surprise, even to us. We’ve decided to wait until we meet the little guy in order to name him. The name “Sprout” is going to stick until he decides to come out!

Thanks for following along on our journey so far and if you celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, we hope you have a happy holiday with loved ones.

E, Mrs. E & Sprout

Photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13,  and 17 were generously provided by Photography By Dara. Thank you!!!