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So it’s starting……

23 Apr

Up to now you have heard from my better half who will hopefully soon be very knocked up. We start trying in a few days! I am super excited but for both our sakes I want to keep an even keel. This could takes months and months to accomplish. My wife is so keyed up, I know she is going to be on a roller coaster ride for the next several months come what may. It’s my job to keep her feet on the ground and her expectations in reality.

This is going to be a fantastic journey. I will try to share the perspective of the non birth mother in all this. So far it’s been all about predicting her ovulation. She is doing a great job monitoring her temperature and tracking it on her iPhone app. She pretty much nailed it last month. This time will be more important to get right as we begin. We are going to try for 5 days, 3 before and 2 after her ovulation.

We are both a little squeamish about handling “the stuff”. So that should be interesting. I will be sure to let you all know how it goes!