It’s all about timing

14 Apr

Last night we went to our hair dresser. She’s been on this journey with us for a good year or so and she always makes it a point to ask us “So? Baby stuff?” I think she genuinely wants to know but maybe assumes we don’t want to talk about it. But, OF COURSE I want to talk about it. We outlined our progress since we had last seen her, which wasn’t much but I did mention that since I went off birth control that my periods have gotten worse each month that I’ve had them.

Then this morning, Mrs E. says to me “I don’t want this to get harder because we waited too long and your endo started interfering. Should we start trying sooner?” (I’ve always been ready to try YESTERDAY.) So, we talked about it and we really don’t know why we’re still waiting beyond that this is what we agreed to do. Basically there’s only a few things standing in our way:

-Last round of donor test
-Family Attorney meeting (scheduled for the 21st of this month)

We decided that it IS a good idea and that we’re going to for it. Possibly in two weeks. Ultimately, our decision is only a go if logistically we can get the law stuff that we need to have done worked out in time. CRAP! That is really, really awesome and really, really scary all at the same time. I’ve been walking on air all day.


2 Responses to “It’s all about timing”

  1. Chelle April 20, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    Is it okay to ask about the money side of things? I won’t be offended if you decline. I’ve always wondered what it costs for donor sperm and if the procedure is covered under your insurance. Do you have to pay for all the donor’s medical testing or does his insurance cover it? If that’s too personal or out of line I apologize.

    I’m just so extraordinarily happy for the both of you. I can’t wait to send you something for the baby shower and find out what you name him/her. This will be one lucky baby for sure. And I really do hope you ladies will have a cast made of your tummy in the 9th month because my best lesbian friend had one made of hers … and each year her son puts his painted handprints on there to show how much he’s grown. It’s a beautiful piece of art now.

    • elyima April 20, 2011 at 6:04 pm #

      Of course it’s okay to ask. As of right now we are using a known donor and planning to inseminate (ICI) at home ourselves. We’ll get more technical about the process if we have to. So far, our major costs have been medical screening for our donor and his partner. We had a list of conditions to screen for and we are doing them twice. Once about six months ago and again this week. (There’s an incubation period for testing HIV of 6 months specifically) I can find the list for you if you’d like. It cost about $250/person each time the screening was done. We’ll also have some legal costs coming up soon and I’ll include them in the post when I can update about that.

      Thank you for the support. The thought of a tummy cast is wayyyy ahead of me right now but it sounds really nice and like something I would TOTALLY do! 😀

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